How to get motivated

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How to get motivated

“All are chosen, few respond”    Anonymous

Over the years I have been asked repeatedly by news reporters, editors, freelance writers, clients and people just like you…… how do I get motivated to exercise?   What I have learned over the years is there are ONLY 3-ways we become motivated to exercise.  The only exception to this rule is a medical professional stating directly to your face dire consequences to your health will manifest if you don’t begin exercising immediately. In truth most of the time even a doctor’s request doesn’t spark the internal motivation to change ones lifestyle. Most people choose to wait for that first big scare, and for many it is often the last big scare!

The 3-ways one becomes motivated to change their lifestyle are very simple in concept, yet highly elusive for many people. They are;




Nothing will motivate someone to change their lifestyle and to exercise consistently and eat healthier than actual physical and inner results that can be visually seen and bodily felt.  The problem is we have to be in action to see any RESULTS at all and that my friend is the….. Rub!

We are so into immediate gratification these days.  We need to see visual results or feel inner gratification just to get motivated to feel better in our own body.  When I say inner gratification I am referring to feeling better about your Self.  Having higher self esteem and confidence, reduced stress levels, increased energy levels and sharper mental clarity etc….  However, feeling better isn’t enough for most people. They need to actually see visual results in the mirror to jump on board.

So how do we arrive at the mindset to move past that invisible, grey area where we aren’t working out yet, but we really need to makes changes in our life?  Unfortunately, I do not have the magic answer to that question.  Human behavior cannot be controlled by another human.  If I had the answer I would be chilling on my own island in the Bahamas doing all the things I love, surfing, biking, hiking, martial arts, weight training and more,  because I would be wealthier than Bill Gates.

We are motivated by two primary emotions in life–pain and pleasure.  It really comes down to that simple equation.  When we are in enough pain, we seek pleasure at almost any price. The price we are willing to pay is directly proportional to the degree of pain we are experiencing.   Acceptance of truth is what activates the pain process.  Acceptance of truth also provides the relief of pain. The phrase, “the truth will set you free” is a very real proposition at least in my life experience.

I often use the brutal truth behind our incessant need to live in denial and doubt as a strategy to motivate clients to change. Truth is the primary vehicle for getting most people, up and off, their ass into action.  Each of us must “take the bull by the horns” when it comes to creating our new lifestyle.  No one is going to do it for you.  Your journey will be unique, enlightening and life changing.  I promise!  During this process of rejuvenating hope, faith, and trust in oneself much will be learned about who you are and what you are made of.  That is what I do as a Lifestyle Transformation Coach.  I guide clients through a time-tested process to their ultimate health goal and then teach them how to maintain their body for life.

What we allow into our bodies and mind from a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional standpoint directly influences and determines what we get out of life and how we react to it. In short, choices about our attitude and our way of being in life and with others are the key instigators. They determine what we want and what we do not want in our lives. These choices are also a direct reflection of how emotionally stable and balanced our lives are.  If we make conscientious and healthy choices, we will most likely have a fairly balanced, disciplined, and structured life. This is usually a relatively, happy and fulfilling life and one lived with purpose.

In conclusion you have to be honest with yourself.  Ask yourself the simple questions such as am I happy with my life today?  Am I happy with my body and my health?  Only you can reveal to your inner most self the honest truth.  Are you living a healthy lifestyle, which consists of regular exercise and a healthy, nutritious diet?  Is your life in balance and do you feel emotionally stable for the most part?  If the answer is NO, I suspect you are in a certain degree of pain right now!  I would suggest you move into action immediately whatever that is for you.  All it takes is small baby steps to get started.  Rome was not created in a day and neither is a healthy body.  It is a life-long journey and pursuit we take action on daily, but you can only do “living healthier” one day at a time and that is the day you are in.


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